School of Pharmaceutical
Sciences of Ribeirão Preto

University of São Paulo


Center of Excellence for Quantification and Identification of Lipids - CEQIL

       The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in collaboration with Chemistry School of University of São Paulo was equipped with a Nexera TripleTOF® 5600 +, a LC-MS/MS system by support financial of FAPESP. The Center of Excellence for Quantification and Identification of Lipids (Ceqil) was created on 2016 and equipped with a Bioinformatics Center and a Sample Preparation Room. LC-MS/MS system can be used for research and undergraduate teaching, as well as being available for industrial use (services and prices attached). All the data acquired must be interpreted by the researcher and any facility member group is allowed to furnish information about the data. This is High Resolution Mass Spectrometric instruments with ESI source.

Fone Number:
+55 16


Filename Size Download
Formulário I - envio de amostras CEQIL 265.1 KB
Formulário II - quantificação de eicosanóides CEQIL 266.4 KB
Formulário III - MS MS all CEQIL 266.4 KB
Formulário IV - quantificação de hormônios esteroidais CEQIL 266.5 KB
Formulário V - quantificação de endocarnabinóides CEQIL 266.5 KB
Formulário VII - sala de bio-informárica CEQIL 265.2 KB