School of Pharmaceutical
Sciences of Ribeirão Preto

University of São Paulo


Internal Biosafety Committee

Professor Nadia Monesi, PhD. - President
Professor Hamilton Cabral, PhD.
Professor Luciane Carla Alberici, PhD.
Professor Elisa Maria de Sousa Russo, PhD.

David Fernando de Almeida Vieira

Contact us: 
Phone: +551633154216

The CIBio is responsible for:

-To develop and disseminate regulations and to make decisions on specific issues regarding biosafety procedures in the FCFRP-USP, always in accordance to the norms of CTNBio;
-To apply for the CQB and its necessary revisions;
-To evaluate and review the research proposals in the fields of genetic engineering, manipulation, production and transportation of GMOs that are performed by the FCFRP-USP; to assess the potential risks to the researchers, the community and the environment related to the manipulation, production and transportation of GMOs and to make recommendations to the researchers about these risks associated and to instruct them on how to do risk management;
-To keep a record of the projects that employ GMOs and, whenever relevant, also a record of the risk assessment associated to these projects;
-To ensure that the Principal Investigators (PI) are informed about the recommendations of both the CiBio and the CTNBio;
-To determine the containment levels (to be defined by the CTNBio norms) and the procedures to be followed for all the experimental work that employs GMOs, as well as for the maintenance, storage, transportation and disposal of GMOs included in the law regulations;
-To send to the CTNBio the documents required for research activities that employ Group II GMOs as well as the documents required for GMOs release in the environment, all accompanied by risk assessments performed according to the CTNBio norms;
-To inspect and certify the safety of laboratories and other facilities that manipulate GMOs before and during the development of the projects. The CIBio will be responsible for the inspection and monitoring of the procedures in all laboratories and facilities in which GMOs are employed. At least two annual inspections of the facilities will be carried out to ensure the that the procedures are being performed accordingly to the guidelines. The CiBio will also keep a record of the inspections and actions resulting from these inspections;
-To review the qualifications and experience of the personnel that work in the approved projects, in order to ensure that they are qualified in good laboratory practices;
-To keep a list of the people who work in containment facilities and to ensure that new members of staff or new employees are familiarized with the procedures to be adopted in the different containment levels as well as with the correct use of laboratory equipment;
-Perform other duties as delegated by the CTNBio.


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