School of Pharmaceutical
Sciences of Ribeirão Preto

University of São Paulo


Who are we?

     The Pharmaceutical Service and Clinical Pharmacy Research Center of University of São Paulo (CPAFF-USP) was created on 2004 at the School of Pharmaceutical Science of Ribeirão Preto-USP. Since the beginning we`ve develop activities regarding Pharmaceutical Services and Clinical Pharmacy, highlighting the Dissertations and Thesis that were elaborated by us, as well as scientific articles published in national and international journals. Currently, CPAFF-USP has 30 researchers contributors, among them undergraduate students are working on professional internships or scientific initiation, master’s students, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, in addition to researchers from other institutions. Thus, CPAFF-USP  is structured in departments, like:




Scientific Production

Fabiana Angelo Marques


Dissemination/ Marketing

Lauro César da Silva Maduro


Lucas Borges Pereira


Samir Antonio Rodrigues Abjaude


Pharmaceutical Education/Instrument Validation of Data Collection

Ana Maria Rosa Freato Gonçalves



Marília Silveira de Almeida Campos


Clinical Pharmacy

João Paulo Vilela Rodrigues



Maurílio de Souza Cazarim



Helen Palmira Miranda de Carvalho



Samir Antonio Rodrigues Abjaude


Pharmaceutical Service

Lauro César da Silva Maduro


Systematic Review/ Meta-analysis / Statistics

Marília Silveira de Almeida Campos


Samir Antonio Rodrigues Abjaude



Maria Olívia Barbosa Zanetti


External Evaluation/ Consultancy

Anna Paula de Sá Borges


André de Oliveira Baldoni


Beatriz Maria Pereira Girolineto


Camilo Molino Guidoni


Iahel Manon de Lima Ferreira


Lorena Rocha Ayres


Manuela Roque Siani


Michelly Martins Nagai


Rodrigo Rodrigues Silva


Tiago Marques dos Reis