School of Pharmaceutical
Sciences of Ribeirão Preto

University of São Paulo


Courses and Activities



Specialization Courses

·  Is a category of post-graduation lato sensu, with a minimum duration of 360 hours. It needs to be constituted as an organized system of one or more disciplines, that aim at the qualification of the professionals in a specific field of knowledge. In a “technical and professional way”, the interested can deepening your knowledge and competences in a specific area and deepening the teaching in the graduation.

Training Courses 

·  With a minimum workload of 180 hours, the Training courses is an organized system of one or more subjects, only given to graduated students, with the objective of expanding the knowledge in specific fields of the professional activities.

Professional Continuing Education

·  The Professional Continuing Education aims to develop in the participants knowledge or technique in a specific area or discipline and is designed for the general public, without a minimum education requirement.

Updating Courses

·  The Updating courses, which has a minimum workload of four hours, is an artistic, cultural, scientific, technical, technological or sportive dissemination activities and are destined to the general public, without a minimum education requirement.


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