School of Pharmaceutical
Sciences of Ribeirão Preto

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Multiuser Laboratory Characterization of Micro and Nanoparticulate Systems for Drugs and Cosmetics

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto - USP has a characterization laboratory Analysis of Particle Size and Zeta Potential for different materials aiming to provide technical support to the research of micro and nanostructured medicines and cosmetics for both the scientific community and other USP IES, as well as provide services to external users (companies). This equipment has been donated by FAPESP through multiuser project (EMU).

Coordinator: Professor Maria Vitória Lopes Badra Bentley.


LS 13320 Multi Wavelength ( Beckman Coulter ) - Particle Analyzer for Laser Diffraction -based Fraunhofer and Mie theory

This equipment uses the technique of Laser Diffraction for particle characterization. The particle size analyzer LS13320 is one of the most versatile laser diffraction equipment currently available, offering high resolution, accuracy and reproducibility. It allows the study of Particle Size Distribution of particles in a range between 0.04 and 2000μm, providing analyzes dried samples (powders) and wet (emulsions, suspensions, creams, liquids) according to the attached module ( Tornado Powder or ULM ) . The LS13320 meets the International Standard ISO13320 (Particle Size Analysis - Laser Diffraction Methods). The LS13320 software complies with Rule 21 CFR Part 11 FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in respect of all electronic records in handling the software by users. Have multiple detectors which assure greater accuracy of measurement in all particle sizes, facilitating the determination of bi -modal distributions and / or tri -modal compared to devices having simple detector. The sample preparation system for the LS13320 for both solids and liquids, allows for easy dispersion of particles, leading to great results when working with agglomerated particles.

Zetasizer Nano ZS (Malvern Instruments). Particle Size Analyzer , PM and Zeta potential of particles and liquid dispersions , with light source 633 nm laser , max 4mW and scattering at 173°

The Zetasizer Nano ZS analyzer is a high-performance molecular and particle size. Better detection and measurement of small aggregates or diluted samples as well as samples with extreme concentrations (high or low) using dynamic light scattering with optical " NIBS " whose performance is significantly better compared to systems that use scattering at 90 ° . It also has a zeta potential analyzer that uses electrophoretic light scattering particles, molecules and surfaces; an analyzer molecular weight by static light scattering beyond a MPT -2 autotitrator which allows the study of the effect of changes in pH, conductivity, or any other additive in the automatic mode. Uses Software PSS0012 Malvern Instruments DTS Application.


NanoSight NS300 with high sensitivity camera and Zetasizer Nano Z for the measurement of the zeta potential of dispersed particles and molecules in solution.

The nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) is an important technique in the analysis of products based on nanotechnology. The Nanosight equipment allows to determine the complexation of macromolecules such as DNA and siRNA into nanoparticles, as well as the size and concentration of particles in the dispersions, which is fundamental for in vitro and in vivo studies, since the dose of nanoparticles is key point in biological effect and can be determined and controlled using NTA technique. NanoSight also allows the study of the NP agglomeration in different biological media.

Zeta potential range > +/- 500mV, Mobility range >+/- 20μ.cm/V.s. The system optical bench includes a Helium Neon laser (633nm, max 4mW) with an APD detector and M3-PALS technology to deliver superior sensitivity. Automated positioning within the measurement cell provides accurate results with a range of measurement cell accessories. Includes Malvern application software, providing a unique, user-friendly interface for measurement control and data analysis. Includes the ability to automate measurements using SOPs, along with a report designer, data quality report and expert advice system. The software can be run as a stand-alone application, for off-line data analysis. The Malvern Security Configurator application is also provided, allowing system administrators to set up users with different access rights.

Accessories: NTA1301, NS300 488nm Blue Laser Module, 488nm Flourescence filter wheel insert, NTA1303, NS300 642nm Red Laser Module, 650nm Flourescence filter wheel insert, NTA1330,  Computer controlled motorized filter wheel, containing up to 6 laser matched fluorescente filter(s), CPH3080US, NTA1012, NTA Syringe Pump NS300 Option to perform sample analysis with a constant flow.


Request for review and payment
To schedule and budget request contact Mr. Jose Orestes Del Ciampo on phone +55 16 3315.4302 and email:
The analyzes will be carried out only after approval of the budget and delivery by the parties of the results.

Users / requesters contribute to the payment of a fee of analysis / sample collected in Treasury FCFRP-USP near the center of expense Centre for Analysis of Particulate Systems - CEANSISPART. The values are determined by the query analysis and depend on the type and number of samples / user.


Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 12:00 am and 1:00 to 5:00 pm.