School of Pharmaceutical
Sciences of Ribeirão Preto

University of São Paulo




Visit by Members from the University of Tsukuba 

On 25 March 2014 four members from the University of Tsukuba (Japan) visited our school: Dr. Osamu Ohneda and the professors Tadachika Koganezawa, Joji Kijima and Osamu Ohneda. They gave a brief talk and presented their university as well as the main areas of research with focus on their internationalization program, followed by the presentation of CRInt about the main research areas of FCFRP. There is mutual interest for joint research programs and exchange of researchers and students.   

(Photo by Cássio L. Rodrigues, FCFRP-USP)

Workshop: International Cooperation with University of East Anglia

The professors Victoria Sherwood, Christopher Hamilton and Christopher Morris from the School of Pharmacy of University of East Anglia (UEA, England) visited FCFRP from March 31 and April 03, 2014. The Graduate Program of Pharmaceutical Sciences of FCFRP hosted the three English professors during the four days and both parts discussed about joint postgraduate studies, funding opportunities, students exchange and academic cooperation. The UEA professors visited several laboratories, gave research talks and made an overview of their postgraduate training program while our students gave brief talks about their research. Our CRInt discussed about international cooperation and academic agreement.

(Photo by Cássio L. Rodrigues, FCFRP-USP)


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