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Program Information

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program offers to Master’s and Doctorate students comprehensive teaching and research training in different areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Our program focuses on multidisciplinary education and highly scientific qualification for researchers, offering courses and research opportunities in the following three main areas of research:  Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics; Natural and Synthetic Products; and Chemistry and Biological Physics.

The program covers a large spectrum of research by bringing together faculty from relevant disciplines and by using the latest technologies at several levels: chemical, cellular, molecular, genomic, biochemical, and clinical. In particular, the program covers chemical, physical, and biological characterization/evaluation of natural and synthetic products; application of structural and biophysical methodologies for macromolecular characterization; fundamental physico-chemical processes and molecular modeling; pharmaceutical and cosmetical dosage forms and delivery system development; pharmaceutical processes; quality control, drug and cosmetic effectiveness and pharmaceutical attention.

The teaching and research training offered by our program enables graduate students to pursue academic careers and research opportunities in different fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Our graduated students are prepared to work at teaching and research Institutions, in addition to pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic industries and government regulatory agencies.

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23 Jan

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10 Mar

Abayomi T. Ogunjimi, a PhD student of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ribeirao Preto, University of Sao Paulo has been selected to participate in the 67th...