Grant of Scholarships

The admission of the student to the Masters and Doctoral courses of the Graduate Program in Toxicology does not guarantee a priori that he will be entitled to a scholarship. The Program has institutional grant quotas provided by CAPES, but this is not enough to meet all students. Thus, the program established a set of criteria for the distribution of scholarships available to students who do not have employment relationships.


In addition to the program’s scholarships, students may apply for scholarships directly with development agencies. In this case, the student, together with his supervisor, must forward the request directly to funding agencies, such as FAPESP or others, according to the agencies’ own calendar and rules.


The Management Committee is made up of the members of the Coordinating Committee of the current Postgraduate Program in Toxicology.


Submit, when requested by the Program, within 60 days after the request, a copy of FAPESP’s receipt certificate proving the scholarship application.