Biosciences and Biotechnology Program

The Graduate Program in Biosciences and Biotechnology (PPG-BBio) has as its proposal teaching, and research aimed at multidisciplinary aspects in Biosciences and Biotechnology, consistent and coherent with the area of Pharmacy. The Program offers disciplines and activities of an innovative and current character, focused on the formation of students who will soon be in the regional, national, and international labor markets.
The PPG-BBio has two areas of concentration that include multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, involving basic and applied research and technological innovation, as part of the planning for development in the face of national and international challenges in the knowledge generation. Thus, it offers training and lines of research in the areas:
I – Immunology and Physiopathology
II – Bioagents and Biotechnology applied to Pharmacy
The Masters of Sciences and PhDs graduated by PPG-BBio have multidisciplinary knowledge in the area, with the potential to contribute to the advance in the diagnosis and prevention of diseases, as well as to the development of new medicines and therapies. In addition, the alumni have critical and reflective sense, with leadership capacity, to occupy prominent positions in the labor market, performing the nucleation of new research groups or development of technical activities of high complexity, with the ability to the constant scientific update. Our alumni can work in the public and private sectors, acting in teaching, research, analysis laboratories, government agencies, regulatory bodies, universities, and pharmaceutical industries.


CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) grade Master’s Degree and Doctorate: 6


Program Coordinating Committee

Fabiani Gai Frantz (Coordinator) 04/11/2020 a 03/11/2022
Cleni Mara Marzocchi Machado (Vice-Coordinator) 04/11/2020 a 03/11/2022
Hamilton Cabral 04/11/2020 a 03/11/2022
Marcia Regina von Zeska Kress 04/11/2020 a 03/11/2022
Péricles Gama Abreu Filho (Student Representative) 18/12/2020 a 17/12/2021
Andréia Machado Leopoldino 04/11/2020 a 03/11/2022
Maria Regina Torqueti 04/11/2020 a 03/11/2022
Eliana Guedes Stehling 04/11/2020 a 03/11/2022
Juliana Pfrimer Falcão 04/11/2020 a 03/11/2022
Rafaela de Freitas Martins Felício (Student Representative) 18/12/2020 a 17/12/2021


Program Coordinating Committee Meetings Calendar


Delivery of Documents CCP-Bbio Meetings Time/Location
02/02/2021 02/05/21 – Friday 9:00 am / online meeting
03/02/2021 03/05/21 – Friday 9:00 am / to be defined
03/30/2021 04/05/21 – Monday 9:00 am / to be defined
05/04/2021 05/07/21 – Friday 9:00 am / to be defined
06/02/2021 06/07/21 – Monday 9:00 am / to be defined
06/29/2021 07/02/21 – Friday 9:00 am / to be defined
08/03/2021 08/06/21 – Friday 9:00 am / to be defined
08/31/2021 09/03/21 – Friday 9:00 am / to be defined
09/28/2021 01/10/21 – Friday 9:00 am / to be defined
10/29/2021 11/05/21 – Friday 9:00 am / to be defined
11/24/2021 11/29/21 – Monday 9:00 am / to be defined

When there is the need to send the documents to the rapporteur for report, they must be delivered at least 10 (ten) days in advance.

Some requests that need a report: Accreditation of Supervisor and Co-Supervisor; Use of Credit in Disciplines taken Outside USP; Accreditation and Re-Accreditation of Discipline; Extension of time for Thesis or Dissertation Deposit.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm



Ana Lúcia Turatti
Phone: (16) 3315-4194