Maria Cristina Nonato Costa, PhD

Protein Crystallography Lab (LCP-RP)


Academic contact

University of São Paulo, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto,

Avenida do Café s/n
Monte Alegre
14040-903 – Ribeirão Preto, SP – Brasil
Telephone: +55(16) 36024432
Fax: +55(16) 36024880
Curriculum Vitae (CV): 


Areas of research

Cristina Nonato studied Physics at São Carlos Institute of Physics (IFSC-USP). She received the Master in Applied Physics (1993) in the area of small molecule crystallography under the supervision of Prof. Yvonne Mascarenhas e obtained her PhD degree in Applied Physics (1997) working with macromolecular crystallography under the supervision of Prof. Glaucius Oliva, both at São Carlos Institute of Physics (IFSC-USP).

Prof. Cristina is an Associate Professor at Physics and Chemistry Department from FCFRP-USP and teaches Calculus and Physics 1 for undergraduate students and the courses Introduction to Crystallography and Protein Crystallography to graduate students.

The Protein Crystallography Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Cristina, works in the structural and functional characterization of proteins with pharmaceutical and biotechnological interest. In particular, the lab is interested on target validation and development of new therapies against neglected diseases such as Chagas´disease, Leishmaniasis and Schistosomosis, as well as cancer.

Through the use of a multidisciplinary approach combining in vitro, in silico and in vivo techniques, as recombinant DNA technology, X-ray crystallography and Biophysics, biochemistry and cell biology tools, the projects under development seek to contribute to the mapping of the mechanism of action of proteins, as well as the validation of new pharmaceutical targets and the identification of potent and selective ligands for the development of a formulation to be use in our and pre-clinical assays.