The Graduate Program in Biosciences and Biotechnology has 29 disciplines accredited, totalizing 95 credits.
Three disciplines accredited by the Program are mandatory and follow-up during the Master’s Degree, Doctorate and Direct Doctorate and are the responsibility of the Full and Alternate Members of the Program Coordinating Committee (CCP):
6046031– Topics in Biosciences Applied to Pharmacy I (3 credits, 9 weeks duration (mandatory in the first semester for Master’s Degree and Direct Doctorate)
6046032– Topics in Biosciences applied to Pharmacy II (3 credits, 9 weeks duration) mandatory in the second semester for the doctorate and third semester for the direct doctorate.
6046035– Biosciences and Biotechnology Seminars – (1 credit, 15 weeks duration) required for all students.


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– Academic Calendar 1st semester of 2024