School of Pharmaceutical
Sciences of Ribeirão Preto

University of São Paulo


Main Research Areas


Prof. Ana Amelia Carraro Abraão, Ph.D. (Master/Ph.D.)
Experimental Chagas' disease: study of the biological behavior of different strains of Trypanosoma cruzi and activity evaluation of substances on pregnancy in animals infected by T. cruzi.

Prof. Andreia Machado Leopoldino, Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Molecular and functional studies of tumor markers, sphingolipids and signaling pathways involved in cellular differentiation and in cancer as potential new therapeutic targets and strategies against cancer.

Prof. Cleni Mara Marzocchi Machado (Master,Ph.D.)
Receptor Biology for IgG (FcgR) and complement (CR) on neutrophils and their implications in effector functions in physiological and pathological states.

Prof. Cristina Ribeiro Cardoso de Barros , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Mucosal immunology and Imunoendocrinology

Prof. Fabiani Gai Frantz, Ph.D. (Master/Ph.D.)

In the Laboratory of Immunology and Epigenetics, we are investigating how epigenetic changes due to chronic infections with Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HIV (respectively the causative agents of tuberculosis and AIDS), modulate the programming of inate immune system cells. Thus, our laboratory is focused on the identification of immune and epigenetic biomarkers in different clinical presentations of tuberculosis and HIV infection, through the functional and phenotypic characterization of Natural Killer cells, monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells and neutrophils.

Prof. Fabiola Attie de Castro , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the pathophysiology of chronic myeloproliferative diseases and solid tumors

Prof. Jose Clóvis do Prado Junior, Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Immunomodulatory action of various hormones as an alternative co-adjuvant therapy in the treatment of parasitic diseases in aging and stress conditions

Prof. Kelen Cristina Ribeiro Malmegrim de Farias, Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Evaluation of immunological, hematological and inflammatory markers in patients with sickle cell anemia submitted to allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and other therapeutic modalities
Cell therapy for hematological, immunological and inflammatory diseases: evaluation of the clinical outcome and biological markers

Prof. Lucia Helena Faccioli , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Study of the inflammatory reaction in infectious and parasitic diseases
Study of plants with anti-inflammatory activity

Prof. Sérgio Akira Uyemura , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Evaluation of the effect of plant extracts on blood biochemical parameters
Bioenergetic Studies and calcium mobilization in mammalian cells and microorganisms

Prof. Simone Kashima Haddad, Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Molecular characterization of viral and host factors in human retroviruses, HIV and HTLV


Prof. Ana Lúcia da Costa Darini , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Molecular epidemiology and genetic of virulence and resistence to antibiotics in bacteria

Prof. Ana Patricia Yatsuda Natsui , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Proteins secreted by protozoa and helminths: identification and evaluation of potential candidates for prophylactic and / or diagnostic

Prof. Eliana Guedes Stehling, Ph.D. (Master, Ph.D.)
Environmental microbiology and bioremediation

Prof. Elaine Cristina Pereira De Martinis , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Microbial ecology in food, biofilms and interrelationship with health and disease

Prof. Elisa Maria de Sousa Russo, Ph.D. (Master, Ph.D.)
Genetic Modification of Human Cells –Induction and studies on pluripotency
Expression and Production of Recombinant Proteins of Interest Pharmaceutical and Medical Fields

Prof. Gilberto Úbida Leite Braga , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Photobiology and genetics of microorganisms

Prof. Juliana Pfrimer Falcão , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Molecular epidemiology, identification, virulence, genome and transcriptome studies of enterobacteria and other Gram-negative and Gram-positeve bacteria of clinical interest

Prof. Marcelo Dias Baruffi , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Glycoimunology: recognition of carbohydrates in immune response

Prof. Márcia Regina von Zeska Kress, Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Analysis of global gene expression of the pathogenic fungi Aspergillus fumigatus in response to the antifungal drug of the class equinocandine and functional characterization of the genes involved in the response to this class of antifungal

Prof. Maria Regina Torqueti , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Effects of hormone and alternative therapies on cytology and hemostasis

Prof. Sérgio de Albuquerque , Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Biology of Trypanosoma cruzi: study of the kinetics of infection by different mechanisms
Chemoprophylaxis and therapy of experimental parasitic diseases determined by trypanosomatids

Prof. Victor Hugo Aquino Quintana, Ph.D. (Master/ Ph.D.)
Diagnosis, epidemiology and molecular biology of arboviruses